Sunday 4 March 2012

Top Internet Browsers 2011


When we talk about internet, there is first thing comes in mind- “that is Browser”. Internet browsers plays the main role in internet world. Now a days, so many browsers are available on internet, but few has good rating on internet and among internet users. So today we come with some best browsers, these are getting popularity every day listed below. Every browser has its unique quality that make it popular among internet users.
Google Chrome is second most popular browser around the world. Some are getting more lovers every day like safari, opera, internet explorer, etc.
Few days ago we had been provide best antivirus of 2011 and Tumblr themes of 2011. Firefox is most popular browser among internet geeks because it has a big collection of Add-ons and has security, easy browsing, high performance, etc. Add-ons always play the main role in browsers popularity. Visit these list and find your best one for surfing the web easily. You can share your thought in our comment section below.

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1. Mozilla Firefox 4:

This browser is known for its better surfing speed, security, smarter look and one standout feature known as private browsing. This also provide open audio and video mode, built in spell checker feature add popularity among users. One more thing that make Firefox so lovable is customization, we can change Firefox looks according to our needs.

2. Google Chrome:

Google chrome is popular among internet users because of its dynamic features that provided by it like seed, security, simplicity and many more built in functions.
Here are some features that make chrome so popular
1. Speed: speed is factor that we look in every browser, chrome provides a good browsing speed that we looking for, chrome uses powerful java script engine for speed lighting. Chrome provides Omnibox chromes combined search and address bar, using this it is fast to search and navigate on web.
2. Security: chrome has built in malware and phishing protection, chrome uses safe browsing and sandboxing technologies to keep you safe on web. Chrome also has an auto update function that checks updates regularly to keep you up-to-date with latest security features.
3. Privacy: chrome manages privacy by using a feature Incognito mode, this mode delete all your visited websites and download histories and cookies.
These are the basic differences that make chrome unique among all other browsers. Many more features you enjoy when you use this browser.

3. Internet Explorer 9i :

This is the browser widely used all around the world ,it has increased performance and speed due to improved script engine than other older versions this feature no doubt most useful and noticeable to users, one more thing that attract attention of users towards IE9 is its stability, in older versions if one site or add on crashes it will close entire browser but in IE9 only the affected tab gets down rather than entire browser. This has a unique feature color coded tab grouping, this lets you see that which tab opened from link of which tab.

4. Opera11.50:

Opera11.50 introduce feature like interactive voice this is the unique feature that opera offers to users ,thumbnail previews also make attractive this browser among users, you can customize your browser by adding removing buttons and toolbars and also customize own keyboard shortcuts, you can easily look inside a tab when you put mouse pointer over a tab, opera has built in Bit Torrent so no separate application is needed for download, Opera11.50 have fast JavaScript engine this make opera fastest browser.

5. Safari

Developed by Apple, Safari browser provides you at-a-glance feature that provides you a preview of your favorite site this is an exclusive feature that safari has, you can also create your reading list that contain list of web pages through which you can read your articles, watch or browse whenever you are free , safari have Safari Reader facility that remove all those flashing nonsense ads that distract you from your matter. Security is a feature that every internet user wants in prioty; Safari is highly secure web browser.

6. Maxthon:

Maxthon is known for its rich features, it is a china based browser having customizable and user friendly interface with having cool look, it has a button for menu bar, you will definitely enjoy surfing with this browser, Maxthon has a feature “Drag and Drop” by using this feature you can easily drag a web address from any word file and from any email, use Anti Freezing technology and you can navigate from one webpage to other through the movement of your mouse. One thing that affect its popularity is security and speed it is not so fast and secure browser.

7. Avant :

Avant is Internaet explorer based browser having tabbed browsing and zoom functionality upto 500%.thishas a feature that allows you to enter your screen in full screen mode, when you minimize its window this will remove window and seen only a button at right toolbar.

8. DeepNet Explorer 1.5:

this mainly focuses on RSS feeds and have each tab secure.

9. Phaseout:

This is better known for its looks, has attractive and easy customizable skins, and flash based browser, easy browsing and user friendly.

10. SeaMonkey:

SeaMonkey is an All-in-one application suite.